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CONNECTIONS: (ages 3-5)

This class was developed for children who benefit from a smaller class size, higher teacher to student ratio and more structured teaching techniques. All this reinforcement is in one place for our students diagnosed with autism, speech/language delays, auditory processing or regulation difficulties. This part-day inclusive program will not only meet the educational needs of your child but also offer a team approach while catering to the needs of each learning challenge.

For most of our special students, unstructured time does not create a fulfilling environment. The Connections program will create a structured, semi-inclusive environment to meet both the physical and cognitive challenges of your child. We will replicate a school environment to include integration with other peers during motor groups, centers and/or story time. Students will do group work with preschool
teachers, and the therapist to develop communication skills, motor skills, self-help skills and social skills.

This program includes the services of an Occupational Therapist, Developmental Therapist and Music

60-90 minutes           Gym w/ OT & MT & DT
20 minutes                 Welcome circle and circle time w/ OT & MT & DT
15 minutes                 Snack/Quiet Book Time
30 minutes                 Centers
25 minutes                 Free Choice & Closing Circle


Refer to preschool and summer school days/times on the registration form.


Price monthly

Price per 2.5 hr. day

Price per hour





Learning Partner




·    * Price based on a 4 week month/2.5 hr. class – refer to the Connections Calendar for weeks billed per month as they may vary.
·    Full payment due by the 25th of each month – NO refunds for missed days.
·    Kids Connection, Inc. does NOT submit to insurance companies as we are not providing reasonable or necessary medical services, and the educational services we provide do not require the performance or supervision of a therapist even if they are performed or supervised by one.


LEARNING PARTNER: If your child needs extra support from a teaching assistant, we can provide a Learning Partner in any of our programs for 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s.


Connect The Dots Therapy, PC Occupational Therapist Mandi Fahey, M.S., OTR/L

Mandi earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Purdue University and a Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from The University of Indianapolis.

She is a licensed Occupational Therapist and a credentialed Early Intervention Specialist through the state of Illinois. Mandi has been serving children since 2003 in both home and school settings. Mandi is a mother of three and enjoys working in collaboration with families and team members. She has experience working with a variety of diagnoses including but not limited to: developmental delays, sensory processing disorder, behavior difficulties, Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Mandi has over 50 hours of continuing education from the Illinois Autism/PDD Training and Technical Assistance Project (IATTAP). She is trained in Pediatric Neurodevelopment Treatment (NDT), the Kawar Oculo-Vestibular Protocol (Astronaut Training), visual-motor skills assessment and treatment, sensory integration, Therapeutic Listening, Interactive Metronome and typical and atypical development of the hand. Mandi truly enjoys being a therapist and learning from every child.

Breakthrough Therapy Services Music Therapist/Developmental Therapist Stacey Rhodes, MTBC, DT

Stacey Rhodes is a board certified music therapist and founder of Breakthrough Therapy Services. As a former graduate of Illinois State University’s Music Therapy program, Stacey specializes in working with families having a loved one with special needs.

Since 2005 Stacey has worked with people of all ages and abilities to improve their cognitive, physical and mental health through the powerful use of music. Stacey provides group and individual music therapy in a variety of settings, such as: schools, clinics, homes, and other community locations. She is also a Developmental Therapist for Illinois Early Intervention. Stacey is not only a ingenuitive therapist in her field; she is a program developer, trainer, consultant, advocate, and team therapy collaborator who works to integrate her work into a client’s global therapy program.

Most importantly, Stacey believes fully EVERY INDIVIDUAL HAS UNLIMITED POTENTIAL and she strives to provide Breakthrough Therapy Services to each individual she works with.

For more information about Stacey and her services, visit


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