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Kids Connection, Inc. is an independently owned and operated preschool and children’s activity center.

The primary focus of Kids Connection, Inc., is to enhance the community with a place for children, teens and adults to interact through play and the creative arts.

Our Mission

Our Staff

Our new facility includes:

  • Indoor Gym
  • Ages 2-Begindergarten (Part Day)
  • Specialty PreSchool Classes (ASD/PPD/Speech)
  • Camps 2 Years to School Age
  • Mid Day Enrichment


Preschool and school agesupplies, snacks, on-site librarian visits are all included in the monthly fee.
If your child is not potty trained, please provide diapers. All other supplies provided unless your child has an allergy to wipes we ask you provide the specific brand of wipes required.

Tots Please provide diapers or pull ups as needed. Wipes are provided by the center. If your child has an allergy to wipes we ask you to provide the specific brand of wipes required.

Clothing All students are to provide a complete change of clothing including socks.

Snacksare provided for all our students; however, if you child requires a special diet we ask for a letter from your physician and that you consult with the office manager to see if our snacks are safe. You may be asked to supply special snacks for your child.

Vision and Hearing Screenings State Mandated Vision/Hearing Screenings for Threes, Fours, Fives classes will be held during each school year. Additional fee will be required for this mandatory screening process. You will be notified of this additional fee prior to screening date.

Labeling ALL items brought into the center is a must (diapers, coats, shoes, water bottles, show ‘n tell, lovies, blankets, etc.).

2017-2018 Preschool Programs

2017-2018 Program Registration Form (PDF)

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